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W e are experts in Arboriculture specialising in Residential and Commercial Tree Surgery & Tree Care in North East Lincolnshire and the surrounding Areas. We make every effort to ensure trees and the surrounding areas are carefully dealt with in a caring manner to minimise any stress to you and your property.  All waste is taken for recycling where appropriate to reduce the impact on then environment.

Felling or Section Felling

Tree Felling
Removing an entire tree; if the surroundings allow this can be done in one go. The majority of the time there are obstacles around the tree which must be avoided, in which case the tree is removed in sections – all due care is taken to ensure there is minimum impact to the surrounding area.

Trees Subject to Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation Area

To find out if your trees are protected, Lifestyle Landscape and Tree Services will contact your local Planning Authority. If your trees are protected, Lifestyle can, on your behalf take care of all planning permission to do any tree surgery.

24 Hour Emergency call out for Dead Dying and Dangerous Trees (07761 022960)

Crown Thinning

Tree Thinning
The removal of a proportion of a tree’s branches; no more than a quarter should be removed in any one season. We do this by selecting dead, damaged and rubbing limbs first, then moving on to take an even number of branches from the whole crown. Done well this allows light to pass through the canopy giving a gentle dappled light.

Crown Raising

Tree Crown Raising

The removal of the lower branches, usually with the aim of increasing light or preventing an obstruction to the surrounding areas.

Crown Reduction

Tree Crown Reduction
The trimming of a percentage of the outer-most branches to reduce the size of the canopy. No more than a quarter should be removed. It is a common misconception that a large tree can be made small, it cannot due the amount of damage the tree would have to endure.

Tree Stump Removal

We can remove smaller tree stumps by digging out the root ball.

With larger stumps, as pictured, we use a stump grinding machine to chase out the vertical and radial root systems and allow removal of the stump, or to take the remains of the stump to below ground level.

The ground is then ready for replanting or other uses.

Logs and Firewood Delivery in North East Lincolnshire

We specialise in hardwood logs such as ash, beech, birch, cherry, elm and oak. English, seasoned and graded – available by the bag, yard bag or load, subject to stock.

Please contact us for stock status and to arrange a delivery.

Areas Covered

We cover the area within a 60 mile radius of Grimsby and Cleethorpes. However we have done work further afield before and will happily consider any job on its own merits.

Registered with the Environment Agency Company No: CB/TM3821GN