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Garden decking can enhance the appearance of your garden creating a contrasting patio area. Properly installed treated timber decking will stand the test of time.

Lifestyle Landscape has been called out to access many repairs to decks that have become necessary due to bad installation. The main causes are incorrectly spaced deck joists, inadequate drainage below the deck and the use of poor quality decking components and untreated timber sub-frames.

It is also worth knowing that a lot of installers use 28mm thick deck boards which are the thinnest and cheapest available. We use heavy duty 32mm boards or even 38mm for a slightly higher cost.

With a massive range finishes most people can create a deck to suit their taste within a reasonable budget. A handrail and balustrade can also compliment your garden decking.


Main Decking Area

Your decked area may have any finished height you desire. It is not limited to the ‘below damp course’ restraints that patios require. Therefore, it can be raised to door sill height and leveled across all varying levels. All timbers are pressure treated and a ground cover is used to stop possible weed growth coming through. The main frame is held down using 100mm posts set in a concrete footing. It may also be bolted to the wall for additional support.


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